ELSTAR provides you with a wide range of analog or switching DC Power Supplies, as also 4-quadrant DC Power Supplier with fast analg input with Amplifier functionality.

For AC - Power Sources we can offer 1 and 3 phase, manual and automated devices up to 6kVA

BOP, while fully rated power supplies, are also high-powered operational amplifiers with full 4-quadrant, bipolar operation. Their output is capable of both sustained d-c and the replication of arbitrary a-c waveforms.

In Kepco’s BOP, the voltage and current outputs can be controlled smoothly and linearly through the entire rated plus and minus ranges, passing smoothly through zero with no polarity switching.

BOP are high speed power operational amplifiers that can be used to provide dynamically agile voltage for test and simulation. They are not general purpose power supplies. By the nature of the bipolar high speed design, they do not have any energy-storage noise discriminating output capacitors. To realize the full high speed potential of BOP, the load characteristics should be mainly resistive. If the load is capacitive, (>0.1 microfarad), the BOP must be slowed to avoid oscillation. This is accomplished in voltage mode by increasing the value of the feedback capacitance. Special terminals on the user port are available to slow the BOP for optimum current-mode stability into inductive loading.

• Source and sink 100% of their current rating.
• Separate control circuits for voltage and current with automatic crossover to current and voltage limits.
• All controls and flag signals accessible through a userport at the rear.
• Zeroable preamplifier available for scaling and summing external signals.
• Optional digital displays. Specify by substituting the suffix “D” inplace of the “M.”

Using switch-mode technology for low dissipation when sinking power from an active load, the BOP 1KW recuperate the energy for reuse. The key to this is a bi-directional a-c input power factor correcting (PFC) circuit, which allows transparent energy interchange without dissipative internal sinking.

The BOP 1KW has two primary control channels: voltage or current. Either of these may be controlled from full plus setting to full minus setting. To assure that they will intersect in one of the two source quadrants to form a closed boundary as do conventional unipolar power supplies, four auxiliary limit channels are provided: plus voltage, minus voltage, plus current and minus current. These four are controllable from a very small value to the nominal values. Their control does not pass through zero as do the primary voltage and current channels. The intersection of whichever primary control channel is engaged by the load and the respective limit channel does form a closed boundary, and a variable load automatically crosses over from the primary channel to the limit channel.


Linear BOP Models (100W, 200W and 400W)

  • 100W: 20V, 50V, 100V
  • 200W: 20V, 36V, 50V, 72V, 100V, 200V
  • 400W: 20V, 36V, 50V, 72V, 100V

D MODELS: Digital Meter

L MODELS: Optimized for Inductive Loads

C MODELS: Optimized for Capacitive Loads

-4886 MODELS: GPIB Control


Model Ranges

100 WATT
BOP 20-5M ± 20V ± 5A
BOP 50-2M ± 50V ± 2A
BOP 100-1M ± 100V ± 1A

200 WATT
BOP 20-10M ± 20V ± 10A
BOP 36-6M ± 36V ± 6A
BOP 50-4M ± 50V ± 4A
BOP 72-3M ± 72V ± 3A
BOP 100-2M ± 100V ± 2A
BOP 200-1M(4) ± 200V ± 1A 

400 WATT
BOP 20-20M ± 20V ± 20A
BOP 36-12M ± 36V ± 12A
BOP 50-8M ± 50V ± 8A
BOP 72-6M ± 72V ± 6A
BOP 100-4M ± 100V ± 4A

Switch-Mode BOP Models (1000W)

MG Models:Standard

  • 6V, 10V, 20V, 25V, 36V, 50V, 72V, 100V








GL Models:Optimized for Very Low Ripple and Noise

  • 20V, 36V, 50V

1000 WATT 

BOP 6-125MG ±6V ±125A

BOP 10-75MG ±10V ±75A

BOP 20-50MG ±20V ±50A

BOP 25-40MG ±25V ±40A

BOP 36-28MG ±36V ±28A

BOP 50-20MG ±50V ±20A

BOP 72-14MG ±72V ±14A

BOP100-10MG ±100V ±10A


1000 WATT

BOP 20-50GL ±20V ±50A

BOP 36-28GL ±36V ±28A

BOP 50-20GL ±50V ±20A

The KLP is a power supply class of instrument. The KLP supports all Power supply class functionality including measurement and trigger. The KLP has additional functionality beyond the class requirements, including a 100 step list, state storage, and hyperbolic power capability. The KLP Power Supply Series can be digitally programmed using SCPI commands and queries sent from a computer via either the IEEE 488.2 (GPIB) or RS 232 interface [-1200 Models only] or LAN interface [-1.2K Models only].


KLP Spec1


KLP Model Table (1200W)

KLP 10-150 - 0-10V  - 0-150A
KLP 20-120 - 0-20V  - 0-120A
KLP 36-60   - 0-36V  - 0-60A
KLP 75-33   - 0-75V  - 0-33.3A
KLP 150-16 - 0-150V  - 0-16A
KLP 300-8   - 0-300V  - 0-8A
KLP 600-4   - 0-600V  - 0-4A