Introducing ECO-Shaker: The Future of Energy-Optimized Vibration Testing


Vibration testing plays a crucial role in verifying the suitability of products for their intended use across various industries,adhering to international standards and procedures. Through careful examination and evaluation of the products' mechanical properties, the ECO-Shaker ensures that they meet the required criteria.


So how does the ECO-Shaker work? It utilizes an electric current within a magnetic field, generating force on the wire following "Flemmings Left Hand Rule." This advanced technology, similar to audio systems like CD players, is controlled by a vibration controller that precisely generates desired signals on the shaker.


One of the ECO-Shaker's key features is its energy-saving capabilities. It automatically and continuously sets the operating state withthe lowest power consumption. By employing an optimization formula that considers minimum energy usage for field, armature, and blower, it achieves high efficiency without phase control issues like hum or armature noise.


With step-less variation in field power, the ECO-Shaker can continuously adjust the field power from 5% to 100% automatically. As a result, even smaller values of field power can be achieved without adverse effects, leading to substantial energy savings, particularly when the test requirements are minimal.


The ECO-Shaker also offers comprehensive automation, allowing control of the amplifier's output power, field power, and blower speed. This, combined with continuous recording of system parameters and safety mechanisms, ensures smooth and reliable operation.


The system's advantages go beyond energy optimization. With an optimal ratio between velocity and force, it delivers better shock tests. Integration of all system components allows easy operation from a single place, promoting efficiency and convenience.


In terms of environmental impact, the ECO-Shaker significantly reduces energy consumption and CO2 emissions. Its design also extends the product life, contributing to overall environmental benefits. From a cost perspective, the ECO-Shaker brings savings in energy costs and reduces the need for noise control measures, leading to general cost advantages.


Additionally, its service manager offers status information, remote diagnostics, and extended diagnostic options, providing comprehensive support to users.


The ECO-Shaker ensures comfortable working conditions with minimal noise pollution and lower operating temperatures, making it a preferable choice for various applications.


Investment security is guaranteed with the possibility of retrofitting older systems and the assurance of innovations from the market leader, backed by more than 60 years of experience.


In summary, the ECO-Shaker represents the future of energy-optimized vibration testing, offering a highly innovative and versatile solution that combines efficiency, eco-friendliness, cost-effectiveness, and ease of use.




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