IMV offers a wide range of energy efficient Air- & Water-Cooled Shakers. IMV - ECO shaker offers energy savings up to 80% depending on the load under which the equipment is operated. The smaller the load, the more energy can be saved compared to a conventional dynamic equipments.


IMV Dynamic Simulation System - Full Lineup Catalogue

IMV Full Line Catalogue English

IMV Dynamische Schwingprüfsysteme - Gesamtkatalog

IMV Full Line Katalog Deutsch

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A wider range of test requirements and higher test specifications. A-series meets the needs for such a versatile test environment. Advanced automatic energy saving, high level of functionality and a protected test environment. A series improves the working environment of vibration testing.
A-Series - High grade range
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Enhanced system performance extends test capabilities Vibration tests have become diversified and specifications have become increasingly strict. i-series offer a user-friendly lineup with enhanced performance and durability.
i-Series - Standard Range
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-series accommodates high velocity and large displacement testing Long duration shock tests require high velocity and large displacement. J-series is a high-functionality system that offers usability and durability furnished with functions that accommodate high velocity and large displacement testing.
J-Series - Large Displacement Range
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High excitation force and silent water cooled system for improving test environment K-series, high excitation force water cooled vibration simulating test systems fully developed by IMV. Advanced performance from the K-series will significantly improve the test environment.

K-Series - High Excitation Force Water Cooled Range
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The K2 hardware and software has been developed in-house, giving IMV full design control of this important part of a vibration system.
IMV - Shaker Controller
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With the IMV’s ECO system you can also save energy, operate on low noise and increase in system performance by replacing the old system amplifier.
IMV - Eco-Amplifier / One Replacment Amplifier