L.A.B. VibraTest Series of mechanical shakers with a frequency range of 8-60 Hz, provide an effective approach for testing electronic products, batteries, and parts for loose components and hardware failures. Advance Machine Control(AMC+) comes standard with our VibraTest Series, which expands the capabilities of the machine even further.


Vibratest Specs

Standard features

- 10G Maximum Acceleration
- Insulated table top
- V-Groove Casters for Chamber Interface
- Height risers
- Track for Chamber Interface
- Diaphragm Support Brackets
- Stainless Steel Drip Pan
- Non Standard Voltage
- CE Compliance

- Reaction type machine performs vertical sinusoidal test.
- Test Frequency is infinitely adjustable between 8 and 60 Hz under operation.
- Various combinations of frequency and displacement can be configured to result in up to 3.2G or 10G acceleration.
- Self contained, built in isolation system eliminates the need for special foundations.
- Advanced design pneumatic system provides low frequency isolation and payload stability that is far superior to steel spring isolators.
- System displacement is manually adjustable.
- Once set, displacement is maintained at a constant level regardless of the test frequency.
- Standard utility requirements: 70-psi air for suspension adjustments (low volume).



Vibratest-Series Product Brochure

AMC+ Advanced Machine Control Software for L.A.B. Vibratest Series