ELSTAR CALSTAR is a multi purpose calibration system designed to work as a stand alone vibration transducer calibrator, a balance facillity bearing pedestal stiffness measuring system or a Cabstar signal line calibrator. 

  • Vibration transducer calibration test set: Using the back to back method the transducer to be calibrated is attached to a reference transducer mounted on a special calibration vibrator. Single, Multiple or random testing is possible with results being printed on a calibration certificate.
  • Balancing facility pedestal bearing stiffness measurement: Utilising three calibrated force transducers mounted around a centrifuge, the amount of centrifugal force applied to the bearing pedestal is measured and the response in vertical and horizontal axis is acquired. The resultant stiffness measurement is calculated over the entire speed operating range of the pedestal. This information can be applied to the CABSTAR balancing system for stiffness compensation or for low speed balancing.
  • CABSTAR Balancing facility Calibration: When calibrating transducers in balancing facilities equipped with Elstars CABSTAR data acquisition module, it is possible to make a network connection between the systems. This enables CALSTAR to compare the locally measured vibration transducer with the measurement taken by CABSTAR thus establishing any line loss between transducer and the control room data acquisition input. The line loss can then be compensated in Cabstar