Orbistar advanced Wireless Runout system

Orbistar advanced Wireless Runout system

Especialy develloped for accurately measuring large rotors, Orbistar is certainly one of the most advanced runout systems available.

Using gauging and eddy current probes attached to a wireless front end unit together with Tiltex our wireless rotor angular sensor, a full range of Runout measurements can be performed.


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is a simple to use mechanical and electrical run out measurement system with the following highlights.

  • Up to two complete (mechanical and electrical) run out channels 
  • Simple probe setup utility with bar graphs 
  • Automatic reporting function with amplitude and phase plots which can be setup to match your company format 
  • Math function for mechanical or electrical subtraction 
  • Eddy probes and mechanical gaging probes supplied with optional cable lengths 
  • Encoder option for hand turning operations 
  • Data acquisition module interface over USB enabling portable (notebook) or fixed installations



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