This is a feature which allows you to remotely station the data acquisition hardware and perform analysis and carry out setting up procedures over the internet. With this setup you to leave the Corvus data aquisition hardware next to a machine, visualise and store signal data from your office. This example uses a single slot chassis, but a multi-slot chassis could also be utillised for a higher channel count.

Data Acquisition hardware: National Instruments cDAQ-9181 for Ethernet control. One NI-9239 4 channel modules connected to a Shuttle bare bones PC.

Computer: Any Portable PC running Windows 7 SP1 or above connected to the Internet. 

Corvus options: Will operate with any of the standard Corvus options 

Input Channels  4
Amplitude Resolution  24Bit
Maximum Sample Rate 51.2kS/s/ch
Connectivity  BNC
Signal Amplitude Range +/- 5v
Number of Processes available 2
Direct to disk recording Blocked or Streaming
Shuttle PC Connection Ethernet
Operating System   Windows 7 or Higher
Real time and post processing available? Yes

product description/specification

There are several powerful options available for Corvus to assist you in achieving your measurement task.

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Corvus Supported Hardware

Please click Corvus-7-Supported-Hardware.pdf to download list of hardware supported by Corvus.

Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments Signal sources as well as:

  • Digital interface to Datatel telemetry systems thus eliminating the need for converting data from Digital to Anallog and then back to Digital format.
  • Interface to HBM QuantumX amplifier.
  • Argus data aquisition System.