The benefits of using a ELSTAR shock testing machine

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Drawing on many years of rotating machinery analysis, our team of experienced international experts provides customised assistance in solution finding. Visit our website, have a look at our services and products.

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Drop & Vibration Testing

drop & Vibration Testing

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks. This makes Elstar Elektronik machines popular where accuracy is paramount. Visit our website to find out more, or give us a call.

Background and History!

ELSTAR Elektronik

Elstar Elektronik

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 that specialising in the field of vibration analysis and testing and mechanical shock. Today it's a company with customers around the globe. Visit our website to find out more.

What is a shock testing machine?

As the name suggests, a shock test machine is a piece of equipment that's used to measure, test and monitor shock and vibration. ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a leading name in the shock testing sector. Based in Switzerland, the company has over three decades of experience, with a particular focus on the rolling machinery industry. For over a decade, ELSTAR has also developed and supplied an acclaimed range of shock testing machines for use in almost every field including power plants, mills, factories, chemical plants, precision manufacturing and the food industry.

Why use a shock testing machine?

Using a shock testing machine will save you money. We're sure that's not the answer you had in mind, but it is correct, nevertheless. Producing high-quality products is your first concern. However, in order to increase profits, you need to get your product to more customers. That's where a shock testing machine can make a real difference. Your packaging or container must be able to withstand the thousands of vibrations and shocks it's likely to encounter in transit. Test using reliable machinery and you'll see a dramatic decrease in in-transit damage. Some of the best examples of shock testing machines can be seen at Or, read on and we'll tell you a little more.

Shock testing machines – the advantages

Yes, you're likely to see a rise in profits when you use shock testing machines to test the veracity of packaging or containers. However, there are other benefits to be found in choosing high-quality, accurate equipment. Each ELSTAR shock testing machine is made to the highest standards and can be modified to suit your needs. Perhaps you want to make sure that food products arrive at their destination fresh and intact, or maybe you would like to see if a precision instrument or luxury watch is still accurate after hundreds of hours of use. ELSTAR shock testing machines can provide highly-accurate repetitive shocks with a payload of between 5 and 200 kg at a rate of up to 60 per minute - more than enough to determine the stability of your packaging or product during wear or transit.

Still not sure which shock testing machine?

The ELSTAR Elektronik AG shock testing machine range is regarded as among the world's best. Each piece is easy to install, simple to use and requires no special training. From the very first day, you'll be impressed by the high-quality shocks produced by equipment that is made to the most exacting standards. As a quick endorsement of the level of quality you might expect, we’re proud to state that a large number of ELSTAR shock testing machines are purchased by the Swiss precision optics and watch industries

Take a closer look at our shock testing machine range

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