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Drawing on many years of rotating machinery analysis, our team of experienced international experts provides customised assistance in solution finding. Visit our website, have a look at our services and products.

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Drop & Vibration Testing

drop & Vibration Testing

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks. This makes Elstar Elektronik machines popular where accuracy is paramount. Visit our website to find out more, or give us a call.

Background and History!

ELSTAR Elektronik

Elstar Elektronik

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 that specialising in the field of vibration analysis and testing and mechanical shock. Today it's a company with customers around the globe. Visit our website to find out more.

The leading name in the motor vibration sensor field

Swiss-based company ELSTAR Elektronik AG knows a thing or two about motor vibration sensors. Sometimes called accelerometers, these simple but effective components are useful for a wide range of vibration measuring and monitoring applications. We supply companies across the globe with various types of motor vibration sensor and can assist you in selecting the category that's best for you.

Is there more than one type of motor vibration sensor?

With many years of experience and knowledge of the motor vibration sensor market, ELSTAR can help you to select products according to your specific needs. There are three main categories to choose from depending on the task or purpose you have in mind. Dytran sensors perfect for use in high temperatures or harsh environments and you'll discover a comprehensive range at We also supply Emmerson Machinery Protection Sensors; an ideal type of motor vibration sensor for use in the power utility and petrochemical industries. ELSTAR is also delighted to bring its customers all over Europe and further afield the Tiltex wireless angular measurement module. If you're not certain which motor vibration sensor fits your needs, use our Product Configuration tool or read on for more detailed information on each category.

Learn more about Dytran motor vibration sensors

Dytran is the name behind some of the world's most effective and durable vibration and force sensors. The company have been manufacturing their industry-changing products for over 30 years. Their high-performance vibration monitoring and measurement equipment is available from ELSTAR Elektronik AG and is trusted by customers from a vast swathe of industrial and manufacturing backgrounds. We feature the brand's smart (USB) accelerometers as well as miniature tri-axial motor vibration sensors that can withstand temperatures of up to 650°C. Perhaps you work in a more specialised field; ELSTAR Elektronik AG's friendly team is always ready to assist you in choosing the best and most efficient motor vibration sensor.

EMPS – another motor vibration sensor option

Emerson Machinery Protection Sensors is one of the world's most prolific suppliers of motor vibration sensor equipment. Used throughout the petrochemical, fuels and utilities industries, EMPS accelerometers measure shock, speed and vibration with the utmost accuracy. ELSTAR Elektronik AG is the brand's Swiss representative for their machinery products range thanks to our more than three decades of experience and expertise in what is a highly-specialised field.

Discover the Tiltex wireless angular motor vibration sensor module

The Tiltex wireless angular measurement module is intended for use with our Orbistar wireless measurement system. Like all motor vibration sensor products supplied by ELSTAR, the Tiltex system is easy to use and has been developed according to our famous Swiss precision and integrity. It's also simple to install; built in magnetic mounts allow you to simply mount it on your rotor where it will seamlessly connect to our Orbitstar wireless system. If you're still uncertain about which category is right for you, do contact us directly at


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