Shock / Drop & Vibration Testing

elstar vibration tester

ELSTAR manufactures a comprehensive range of high speed (up to 60 shocks/minute) mechanical shock test machines. Our shock machines can support payloads ranging from 5 / 10 / 50 / 100 to 200kg with closed loop control.

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks this makes Elstar Elektronik machine popular where accuracy is paramount. Many machines have been sold to watch manufacturers and to high presision optics suppliers. We are also capable of customising these machines to match individual requirements.

We also represent:

  IMV a leading supplier of electrodynamic vibrator and control systems.

  L.A.B. Equipment with the Shock/Drop and Packaging product lines,

  DYTRAN as an innovative supplier of Sensors and

STM5 PneumGuard klELSTAR Elektronik AG is a manufacturer of one of the worlds most advanced series of high speed mechanical shock test machines. We can supply a range of machines capable of half sine shock amplitudes of up to 2000g and a repetition rate of up to 60 shocks/min.
ELSTAR Shock Test Machines

HV SeriesL.A.B. Equipment, Inc., prduces drop testers, shock testers, hydraulic vibration, mechanical vibration, incline impact testers.All of our equipment meets a large variety of testing standards including ISTA, ASTM, ISO, TAPPI, and MIL-STD.

L.A.B. Equipment

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ELSTAR has wide experience in supplying sensors chiefly in the area of vibration and Rotating machinery applications.

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