Corvus is Elstars general purpose, highly scalable vibration signal analyser.

We can deliver Corvus as a compact Lite version set up as a 4 channel portable analyser right up to a Corvus Full version with a configuration of up to a 1000 channels set up as a  multi process distributed analysis system.

With the abillity to be connected to a wide range of hardware suppliers, Corvus makes it simple to meet your measurement requirements.

Corvus is an open system in terms of hardware and supports, but is not limited to, a wide range of National Instrument devices.

There are two levels of Corvus:

Corvus Lite - Supports up to 268 dynamic or static (machine variables) channels and up to 2 measurement processes.

Corvus Full - Supports up to 1024 dynamic or static (machine variables) channels and up to 8 measurement processes that can be distributed on up to 8 data collection PC's.

As a guide, we have put together a series of Corvus packages for both levels of systems based on National Instruments hardware.


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