A system where up to 8 processes can be defined in a single data acquisition station situated remotely (over the Ethernet) up to 100m away from the workstation running Corvus. The channel count is limited only by the capability of the hardware. The data acquisition station can be positioned close to the measurement points reducing cable lengths and thus improving the signal quality.

Data Acquisition hardware: National Instruments PXIe-1082 portable 8 Slot rack with PXIe-8840 controller. A combination of up to 8 different Data Acquisition card types. Analog channel count 128.

Computer: Any PC running Windows 7 SP1 or above. 

Single rack Model- PXIe-1082, Controller PXIe-8840. Number of processes 7

Card Position  Slot 1 Slot 2 Slot 3   Slot 4 Slot 5  Slot 6  Slot 7  Slot 8 
Measurement Type Fixed Frequency FFT Fixed Frequency FFT  Machine condition variables Order Tracking FFT  Temperature 




Dynamic Strain  
Card Model PXIe-4497 PXIe-4497  PXIe-4302B  PXIe-4497 PXIe-4353  PXIe-6612  Datatel  HBM Quantum X 
I/P Channels 16  16  32  16  32  8    8
Frequency Range (where Applicable)  100kHz  100kHz  5kHz  Speed locked up to100kHz        20kHz 
Signal Amplitude Range  (where Applicable)  10v  10v  10v/4-20mA 10v  90S/s TTL     
 Display update  Real time  Real time   Real time   Real time   Real time   Real time    Real time  Real time 
Direct to disk recording Block /Streaming Block /Streaming   Block /Streaming Block /Streaming  Block /Streaming      Block /Streaming 

product description/specification

There are several powerful options available for Corvus to assist you in achieving your measurement task.

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Corvus Supported Hardware

Please click Corvus-7-Supported-Hardware.pdf to download list of hardware supported by Corvus.

Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments Signal sources as well as:

  • Digital interface to Datatel telemetry systems thus eliminating the need for converting data from Digital to Anallog and then back to Digital format.
  • Interface to HBM QuantumX amplifier.
  • Argus data aquisition System.