A powerful rotating machinery analysis system that you can take to site and attach up to 32 dynamic channels or split into two processes and measure dynamic signals such as vibration and a second process for slow changing machine condition signals. Machine runups and rundown can be analysed and at the same time streamed direct to disk so that no data is lost and the data replayed for re-analysis later.

Data Acquisition hardware: National Instruments cDAQ-9178 for USB control or cDAQ-9189 for Ethernet control. Up to 8 NI-9234 4 channel modules or a second type of CDAQ module.

Computer: Any Portable PC running Windows 7 SP1 or above (Must support at least 1 USB port, Ethernet or Wireless). 

Corvus options: Option 1- Ring BufferOption 3- Streamed Data Storage,  Option 18-Rotor Analysis Toolkit


Input Channels  Up to 32
Amplitude Resolution  24Bit
Maximum Sample Rate 51.2kS/s/ch
Connectivity  BNC
Signal Amplitude Range +/- 5v
Number of Processes available 2
Direct to disk recording Streaming
PC Connection USB or Ethernet
Operating System   Windows 7 or Higher
Real time and post processing available? Yes
Ring Buffer Storage Yes
Process Variable Module NI-8207 (8 Channels)

product description/specification

There are several powerful options available for Corvus to assist you in achieving your measurement task.

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Corvus Supported Hardware

Please click Corvus-7-Supported-Hardware.pdf to download list of hardware supported by Corvus.

Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments Signal sources as well as:

  • Digital interface to Datatel telemetry systems thus eliminating the need for converting data from Digital to Anallog and then back to Digital format.
  • Interface to HBM QuantumX amplifier.
  • Argus data aquisition System.