An extremely flexible portable system. You can add up to 32 channels as required to suite your measurement task, or you can mix 2 module types in one compaq Daq chassis as Corvus Lite supports 2 Processes.

Data Acquisition hardware: National Instruments cDAQ-9178 for USB control or cDAQ-9189 for Ethernet control. Up to 8 NI-9234 4 channel modules or a second type of CDAQ module.

Computer: Any Portable PC running Windows 7 SP1 or above (Must support at least 1 USB port, Ethernet or Wireless). 

Input Channels  Up to 32
Amplitude Resolution  24Bit
Maximum Sample Rate 51.2kS/s/ch
Connectivity  BNC
Signal Amplitude Range +/- 5v
Number of Processes available 2
Direct to disk recording Block (Streaming option available)
PC Connection USB
Operating System   Windows 7 or Higher
Real time and post processing available? Yes

product description/specification

There are several powerful options available for Corvus to assist you in achieving your measurement task.

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Corvus Supported Hardware

Please click Corvus-7-Supported-Hardware.pdf to download list of hardware supported by Corvus.

Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments Signal sources as well as:

  • Digital interface to Datatel telemetry systems thus eliminating the need for converting data from Digital to Anallog and then back to Digital format.
  • Interface to HBM QuantumX amplifier.
  • Argus data aquisition System.