One of the most advanced software packages when carrying out order tracking. A very special Campbell diagram is available which allows you to display frequency components in "needle" form a much more accurate method than the traditional circle method. Curve fitting of resonances allows stress/strain calculations. Full machine order tracking is included with bode plots and waterfall display.

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product description/specification

Corvus is ELSTAR'S general purpose, highly scalable vibration signal analyser.

We have put together a series of packages for Corvus. These are intended as a guide, as Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments hardware you can configure your system to exactly suite your measurement requirements.

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Corvus Supported Hardware

Please click Corvus-7-Supported-Hardware.pdf to download list of hardware supported by Corvus.

Corvus supports a wide range of National Instruments Signal sources as well as:

  • Digital interface to Datatel telemetry systems thus eliminating the need for converting data from Digital to Anallog and then back to Digital format.
  • Interface to HBM QuantumX amplifier.
  • Argus data aquisition System.