Model AD-160A is one of three models in the ACCUDROP Series. It helps determine the ruggedness of packages and the effectiveness of their interior cushioning when exposed to impact during material handling. The effects of dropping are easily duplicated in a laboratory setting using controlled and precise at, corner, and edge drop tests.

AccuDrop™ 160A

AD160 Specs


Standard Features

  • 160 lbs (75 kg) payload capacity
  • 15″ to 72″ (305 mm to 1829 mm) drop height
  • 32″ (813 mm) deep, package size
  • Precision servo ballscrew drive system
  • Adjustable limit switches
  • Digital counter tracks
  • Adjustable air control valve
  • Dual unit flow gauge
  • Exclusive hand-held operator control
  • LCD digital readout
  • Versatile corner and edge holding device
  • Meets ASTM, TAPPI, ISO, JIS and ISTA standards

Optional features

  • Safety fence
  • Wooden base plate
  • CE compliance
  • Enlarged base plate
  • Non-standard voltage
  • Test Lab Professional data acquisition system

AccuDrop AD160A Product Brochure