Extra large free-fall drop testing is now available; introducing the MAXDROP SERIES. Designed to provide repeatable drop testing on the largest test products and packages ever.

Screen Shot 2015-08-05 at 6.04.11 PM 


Standard features

  • Capacity: 600KG (1320lbs)
  • Drop height: 48″ (1200 mm)
  • Screw drive lift system
  • Massive 4 tine support carriage
  • Accelerated drop thrusts carriage ahead of payload
  • Meets ISTA, ASTM, and ISO standards
  • Remote control panel can be located in convenient location
  • Performs flat, edge and corner drops
  • International power configurations

Optional features

  • Safety fence
  • CE compliance
  • Enlarged base plate
  • Non-standard voltage
  • Extended Drop Height 60″ (1500mm)
  • Test Lab Professional data acquisition system

MaxDrop Product Brochure