IMV A-Series
Models: A65/SA5HAM A65/EM5HAM
Frequency Range (Hz) 0-2600
Max. Force: Sine/Random/Shock (kN) 65/65/130
Max. Acc.: Sine/Random (rms)/Shock (m/s2) 900/630/1806
Maximum Displacement (mm)(p-p) 76.2 (3")
Table size (mm)  Ø 446
Axis: 1 - Axis

A series is the “new standard” in vibration testing, with a solid test performance. A series increases the relative excitation force and has a displacement of 76.2 mmp-p (3 inch stroke) which gives good balance between specification of velocity, acceleration and displacement.

It also provides a maximum of 3.5 m/s shock velocity testing, which responds to the demand in lithium battery testing. Rapid creation of a test from a set of pre-defined templates conforming to most international test standards. Simply select the standard required to generate the main test settings.


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