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Drawing on many years of rotating machinery analysis, our team of experienced international experts provides customised assistance in solution finding. Visit our website, have a look at our services and products.

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Drop & Vibration Testing

drop & Vibration Testing

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks. This makes Elstar Elektronik machines popular where accuracy is paramount. Visit our website to find out more, or give us a call.

Background and History!

ELSTAR Elektronik

Elstar Elektronik

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 that specialising in the field of vibration analysis and testing and mechanical shock. Today it's a company with customers around the globe. Visit our website to find out more.

How to select the right vibration analysis equipment

With over 30 years of industry experience and over a decade as specialists, ELSTAR Elektronik AG supplies companies around the world with high-quality vibration analysis equipment. We offer a large range of products that make the measurement, analysis and monitoring of manufacturing or transportation shock and vibration simple. Take a look at some of our most popular options at or let us tell you a little more.

ELSTAR Elektronik – a leading supplier of vibration analysis equipment

ELSTAR Elektronik was founded in 1984 and the Swiss company quickly established itself as a major player in the rotating machinery sector. Today, the brand is an internationally-recognised specialist in vibration analysis equipment and products supplied by ELSTAR can be found in use in factories, plants, power mills and warehouses all over the world. We pride ourselves on the long-lasting and productive relationships we've built with customers who need a little more from their vibration analysis equipment. One of ELSTAR’s greatest strengths is its ability to listen. Always, open to suggestion, we’re able to offer the kind of customised solutions you have in mind.

What type of vibration analysis equipment does ELSTAR supply?

Over the years, we have earned our reputation for excellence in the manufacture, development and supply of superior-grade vibration analysis equipment. We make a wide range of products for general purpose use. Shock machines, for example, that operate at a speed of up to 60 shocks per minute and can support the 5, 10, 50, 100, or 200 kg payload ranges with closed loop control. Need an idea of the accuracy and precision you might expect from ELSTAR shock analysis equipment? We're pleased to inform you that we sell a large number of products to leading Swiss watch manufacturers and dealers in high-precision optics. Should you have something a little more complex in mind, we're also able to tailor most of our vibration analysis equipment to your personal requirements.

Which lab equipment analysis brands does ELSTAR Elektronik AG represent?

As well as our own world-leading range of vibration analysis equipment, we're delighted to supply European and international clients with products from brands who also excel in this important area of industry. Our current range includes the outstanding Shock/Drop and Packing line from L.A.B. Equipment, sensors (accelerometers) from widely-acclaimed brand Dytran and electrodynamic control and vibrator systems from Data Physics.

Affordable and efficient vibration analysis equipment

Using the correct type of vibration analysis equipment can save you time and money. Let ELSTAR Elektronik AG act as your guide in the selection of sensors and machinery that are cost-efficient, reliable and easy to operate. Our vast wealth of industry knowledge is at your disposal whether you're a one-person business or an international brand. You can learn more about our full range of vibration analysis equipment right now at Or, why not give us a call for a friendly chat about your individual needs? 


For any questions, please contact us by phone. Discuss your request with one of our competent employees. We are happy to assist you personally.