Safety testing electrical appliances – a vital step in plant management

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Drawing on many years of rotating machinery analysis, our team of experienced international experts provides customised assistance in solution finding. Visit our website, have a look at our services and products.

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Drop & Vibration Testing

drop & Vibration Testing

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks. This makes Elstar Elektronik machines popular where accuracy is paramount. Visit our website to find out more, or give us a call.

Background and History!

ELSTAR Elektronik

Elstar Elektronik

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 that specialising in the field of vibration analysis and testing and mechanical shock. Today it's a company with customers around the globe. Visit our website to find out more.

Accurate safety testing for your electrical appliances

Safety testing of electrical appliances is an essential part of business management. In order to comply with WHS (workplace health and safety standards), you need to perform regular equipment tests. And, for that, you need the most reliable safety testing machinery and equipment. With over three decades of experience, ELSTAR Elektronik AG is able to supply high-quality products that are suitable for use in all types of manufacturing, plant or industrial setting. We have also partnered with some of the world's leading names in electrical safety to guarantee you the highest degree of safety and accuracy, every time.

The best equipment for safety testing electrical appliances

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is Europe's foremost authority on shock and vibration testing and measurement. We specialise in the rolling machinery sector and we lead the way in the supply of safety focussed products to customers all over the world. When it comes to the safety testing of electrical appliances, we offer a number of options. Working closely with international partners such as the Ikonix Group USA or Associated Research Inc., we're able to assist you in choosing the right solutions to your electricity testing problems.

Making the safety testing of electrical appliances easy and accurate

Most manufacturing businesses have to adhere to strict industry standards over a number of production and processing areas, including the regular maintenance and testing of electrical equipment. Whether your employees work with large appliances or the most intricate electrical machinery, safety is paramount. Choosing reliable and well-established suppliers such as ELSTAR Elektronik AG has a number of benefits. We have built our enviable reputation on our ability to get to know our clients. We'll listen to you and we'll help you to select innovative products that make safety testing of electrical appliances fast, easy and 100 percent accurate.

Names to look out for in the safety testing of electrical appliances sector

We're pleased to make products designed by the Ikonix Group USA for the safety testing of electrical appliances available to our customers. The company provides a comprehensive range of measurement and electricity testing equipment that enables manufacturers and plant managers to keep their staff and their customers safe from the dangers of electricity. Founded in 1936, Associated Research Inc. is also considered an expert in its field. The brand is known for innovative products and its range covering the safety testing of electrical appliances has shaped how we manage electrical compliance and safety today.

Where to find equipment for safety testing electrical appliances

Visit our web page at for a fuller overview of equipment for safety testing electrical appliances. As well as our regular product range, we're able to find customised solutions for customers with special requirements. Do contact us directly if you'd like a few more details or if you want to talk to one of our skilled engineers about particular products.


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