Electrodynamic shaker for vibration testing

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Drawing on many years of rotating machinery analysis, our team of experienced international experts provides customised assistance in solution finding. Visit our website, have a look at our services and products.

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Drop & Vibration Testing

drop & Vibration Testing

A major feature of our shock test machines is the ability to produce high quality highly repetitive shocks. This makes Elstar Elektronik machines popular where accuracy is paramount. Visit our website to find out more, or give us a call.

Background and History!

ELSTAR Elektronik

Elstar Elektronik

ELSTAR Elektronik AG is a Swiss company formed in 1984 that specialising in the field of vibration analysis and testing and mechanical shock. Today it's a company with customers around the globe. Visit our website to find out more.

Order your electrodynamic shaker now

A powerful electrodynamic shaker offers several advantages for industries in need to such devices. At Elstar, we will supply you with custom-tailored shakers, which are designed according to your specifications, empowering your company to test your products and equipment better than ever before.

Wide frequency ranges for your electrodynamic shaker

Our electrodynamic shaker support a wide range of frequencies, which allows for testing across multiple frequency bands easily. You can define the type of vibration—such as low-frequency vibrations that you will typically encounter during the transportation of goods. On the opposite side of the spectrum are high-frequency vibrations which often occur in a wide set of electronic components. By using Elstar equipment, you can decide which vibration level you need for your current application. This enables your company to produce highly cost-efficient products with all kinds of vibration testing, making these shakers a preferred choice for testing under various conditions.

Electrodynamic shaker for realistic operating conditions

Elstar’s electrodynamic shakers are able to produce high forces and opposing forces as acceleration. This will allow you to simulate very realistic operating conditions you would usually find in the real world. If you often have to test very heavy or rigid structures (or both), these shakers can simulate the stress levels which usually occur in such scenarios. Other products to test include very large components or assemblies. All testing is designed to be highly precise and easily controllable. Adjust several parameters, like the vibration’s or shock waveform, its amplitude, and the aforementioned frequency. Replicate real-world conditions without relying on the difficulties testing under real-world conditions usually brings with it.

Experience repeatable results with our electrodynamic shaker

One of the key challenges of product and component testing is to ensure results that can be repeated easily. Due to the high level of control offered by Elstar’s electrodynamic shakers, you will be able to conduct standardized tests with results you can easily reproduce. This gives your team the ability to alleviate any issues or flaws in the current design more easily. Dynamic responses ensure that testing occurs just like it would under actual operation—for example by causing random vibrations or shock inputs which were previously planned. Systems and components evaluation is made easier than before by relying on the shaker’s advanced performance, reliability, and durability.

The most versatile electrodynamic shaker

Our electrodynamic shakers are designed to be highly versatile. Use them to test objects such as small electronics, parts of automotive systems, and many other components, which fit the use-case. Compatibility with your components is ensured by using different mounting configurations, which allows for testing in many different environments. Connect our shakers to a data acquisition systems and sensors to collect all relevant data in real-time. Component testing performed in this way ensures that you will be able to monitor all data comprehensively and instantly analyze an object’s response—accurate diagnosis of any flaws included.


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